Smuggled Exotic Animals Break Free on a VietJet Air flight from Bangkok to Taipei

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In a recent incident in Southeast Asia, a passenger flying with VietJet was caught smuggling exotic animals, including turtles and a rat, in her carry-on baggage during a flight from Bangkok to Taipei. To everyone’s surprise, the animals managed to escape from the bag, causing chaos on board the plane. Unfortunately, a crew member was bitten by the rat and required medical attention upon landing in Taipei.

This situation raised questions about the security measures at Bangkok Airport, as it’s not the first time that Thai security staff has been found neglecting their duties. Consequently, the airport’s officers involved in this incident were suspended from duty. An airport baggage-screening worker failed to inspect a suspicious bag filled with smuggled animals, allowing it to be carried onto the plane.

The chaos on the plane began after takeoff when a passenger spotted a rat, and cabin staff discovered an otter under a seat. A flight attendant managed to catch the rat, despite being bitten, and the owner of the animals was identified. The bag contained 20 Burmese star tortoises, a snake, two otters, a prairie dog, and two black giant squirrels.

The suspect was questioned by police in Taiwan and could face fines up to NT$1 million. It’s disturbing that such cruel smuggling practices persist in 2023, especially on a route between Bangkok and Taiwan. Hopefully, the authorities will take severe action against those responsible.

Airports of Thailand issued a statement addressing the incident, acknowledging the mistake made by their staff and emphasizing the importance of not smuggling animals on flights. This incident sheds light on the ongoing issues with security procedures at Thai airports and calls for stricter enforcement.

In conclusion, this incident involving the smuggling of exotic animals on a flight is both disturbing and infuriating. The escape of these animals during the flight underscores the need for better security measures at airports and stricter penalties for those involved in such activities.