Qwant is ready for big changes, according to staffs

New Features and Perspectives

Since its entry into the field of artificial intelligence (AI), Qwant, the French search engine, seems to be planning numerous new features and much more.

We interviewed several users and staff members of Qwant on Discord about this. Here is a summary of what was said:

Qwant Mail

The company OVH plans to launch Qwant Mail, a new email service. It could be that this service will be branded as Shadow Mail instead of Qwant Mail, another brand that offers cloud services by OVH.

Interface Customization

According to a staff member, it will once again be possible to customize the Qwant interface. This feature was removed during the last rebranding of the company.

Qwant Maps

We also asked questions on X regarding the disappearance of Qwant Maps. The French search engine responded that it is currently focusing more on search functionalities. However, a map integrated directly into the search engine might be available soon.

AI Features

Regarding AI, some regions do not yet have this functionality, but it should be available soon.

In summary, Qwant is undergoing a major reconstruction and continues to evolve to offer better experiences to its users.


With these new features and improvements, Qwant demonstrates its desire to remain a key player in the search engine domain while offering innovative and personalized services. We will closely follow the development of these exciting projects.



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