CES 2024 Unveils Tech Marvels: From AI Gadgets to Foldable OLED Monitors and Honda’s Zero Series EVs

Mercedes-Benz taps Will.i.am to create an ‘interactive musical experience’ for its cars (The Verge)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 kicked off with a bang, showcasing groundbreaking innovations across various sectors. From Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Super to Samsung’s rolling robot projector, the event is a platform for tech giants to set the stage for the upcoming year.

Monday’s press conferences revealed exciting releases such as MSI’s Steam Deck competitor and Apple’s announcement of the launch date for the Vision Pro headset, setting the tone for virtual reality advancements. Smart home companies also took the stage to organize the burgeoning tech landscape.

Tuesday brought further revelations, including the Rabbit R1 AI gadget, an Asus OLED monitor that is foldable and portable, and the debut of Honda’s sleek Zero series EVs.

The CES floor, officially open from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, featured a plethora of highlights, including:

  1. Interactive Broadcast TV
    The first interactive broadcast TV channel in the US was showcased, offering a navigable UI on broadcast TV.
  2. Samsung’s Foldable OLED Monitor
    A 37-inch 4K gaming monitor previewed by Samsung, capable of automatically switching between 2D and 3D, featuring eye and head tracking for a unique gaming experience.
  3. L’Oréal’s AirLight Pro Hairdryer
    A futuristic hairdryer using infrared light for smoother, more hydrated hair, demonstrating how technology can revolutionize traditional beauty products.
  4. Rabbit R1 AI Gadget
    A $199 standalone AI device by Rabbit, challenging the concept of smartphones with ambitious features, including a touchscreen, rotating camera, and built-in assistant.
  5. EcoFlow’s Delta Pro Ultra
    A scalable solar generator providing backup power during outages, seamlessly switching over to power entire homes or essential devices, and offering sustainable energy solutions.

These revelations hint at the diverse and innovative future awaiting consumers in 2024, with tech advancements ranging from AI gadgets to eco-friendly energy solutions. The CES remains a global stage for unveiling the latest tech marvels and shaping the trajectory of the tech industry for the year ahead.