Israel Approves Ceasefire Deal with Hamas Amid Ongoing Conflict

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s cabinet has given approval to a ceasefire deal with Hamas, signaling a temporary pause in the ongoing conflict that has endured for over six weeks. According to the terms of the agreement, Hamas is expected to release 50 of the approximately 240 hostages it holds in the Gaza Strip over a four-day period. The Israeli government has stated its intention to extend the ceasefire by an additional day for every 10 hostages released. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would resume its offensive against Hamas once the ceasefire expires. However, specific details of the truce and its commencement date were not immediately clear.

In anticipation of the vote, there were media reports suggesting that Israel would release around 150 Palestinian prisoners as part of the agreement. Nevertheless, the official Israeli statement did not mention any commitment to a prisoner release. The situation remains dynamic, and the complete terms of the ceasefire are yet to be disclosed, leaving certain aspects of the agreement unclear.