Bahrain’s Crown Prince Condemns Hamas and Calls for Ceasefire in Middle East

Bahrain Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa delivers the keynote address at the opening of the three-day IISS Manama Dialogue security conference, in Manama on November 17, 2023. (Mazen Mahdi/AFP)

Bahrain’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa made history as the first Arab leader to publicly condemn Hamas’s October 7 onslaught during a Middle East security and defense summit over the weekend. Addressing the International Institute for Strategic Studies’s annual Manama Dialogue security summit, Khalifa delivered a keynote address that unequivocally denounced the attacks on Israel.

The Bahraini leader stressed the intolerable situation in Gaza, emphasizing the shared duty in both Islam and Judaism to protect innocent life. He criticized the barbaric and indiscriminate nature of the attacks, condemning the killing of civilians, including women, children, and the elderly. Khalifa’s condemnation extended to both sides, as he criticized Israel’s air campaign, which resulted in over 11,000 deaths in Gaza, including 4,700 children.

In a bid to break the cycle of violence, Khalifa called for a ceasefire, urging Hamas to release hostages held for over six weeks. In return, he proposed that Israel reciprocate by releasing noncombatant women and children. He emphasized the need for humanitarian aid in Gaza, advocating for international efforts to implement a two-state solution for lasting security.

The crown prince’s call for a ceasefire and humanitarian assistance goes beyond mere condemnation. He highlighted the urgency for all parties to come together and revitalize efforts toward a two-state solution, asserting that without it, real security in the region would remain elusive.

Khalifa’s groundbreaking stance offers a unique perspective, standing on the side of civilians and innocents rather than political posturing. He called for an end to the war, irrespective of who started it, emphasizing the importance of working together to bring a swift conclusion to the conflict.

As the international community grapples with the ongoing crisis, Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s call for a ceasefire and commitment to a two-state solution provides a glimmer of hope for a path towards lasting peace in the Middle East.

Video provided by Al Jazeera.

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