“You’ve probably been lied to” – Common misconceptions about Israel

Israeli flag on a hill. (via MyJewishLearning.com)

Hi, I’m Marc Corbac and for the past few weeks, I’ve been informing you all about the latest news especially the Israel-Hamas war.

I’ve noticed a lot of lies online about Israel, so I’m here to help clear them up.

Let’s get started;

Jews came over to Palestine and started colonising immediately.

No, that’s not true. Philistine or “Palestine” – the name given to the land by Arabs to eradicate any mention of the Jews – had been Jewish for over 3000 years.

Palestine was first and it was always Muslim.

Jews had occupied the land before Islam was even existed.

Israel is an apartheid.

Calling Israel an “apartheid” is offensive to the South Africans that actually had to go through an apartheid. But instead of answering, I’ll tell you the facts and you can decide if Israel or Palestine is an apartheid;

  1. Is a certain group banned from dining, shopping or using roads in Israel?
    No group, even the Palestinians, are banned from freely dining, shopping or driving. But you know where it is banned? Palestine, who bans Jews from doing those basic activities.
  2. Is the sale of land to a specific group prohibited in Israel?
    No, Israelis can sell land to anyone of any faith. But you know where it is banned? Palestine, where you can be arrested and/or put to death for selling to Jews.
  3. Is there freedom of religion in Israel?
    No. People of any faith, Muslim, Jew, Christian or other, can pray at any time, anywhere. But you know where there isn’t freedom of religion? Palestine, where Judaism is banned. Furthermore, women who don’t wear hijabs may be put in prison and/or put to death.
  4. Is freedom of education not allowed in Israel?
    No, people of any faith, Muslim, Jew, Christian or other, may attend Israeli universities and/or schools. But you know where there isn’t freedom of education? You guessed it, Palestine, where Jews are banned from attending Palestinian universities and/or schools.
  5. Are Israelis not free to socialise?
    No, Israelis may socialise with those of all faiths and ethnicities. But you know where there are restrictions on the basic human right to socialise with others? Right again, Palestine, where you cannot socialise with a Jew, otherwise you may be arrested, beaten and/or jailed, just for talking to a person of Jewish faith.

Furthermore, let’s compare South African apartheid to Israeli “apartheid”;

FYI, South Africa is no longer an apartheid. The South Africa referred to is from pre-1990’s.

Apartheid South Africa“Apartheid” Israel
Is there a minority rule?Yes, a white minority oppressed a Black majority.No, full democracy with right to vote for all over 18!
Is there a race-based system of oppression?Yes, with notion of racial superiority.No, full rights to all races, cultures and religions protected by Supreme Court.
Is there a Right to Vote?No Right to Vote for Black people.Yes, full democracy to all Israeli citizens.
Is there fair education?No, the Bantu Education Act provided inferior education to Black people.Yes, full access to all education for everyone.
Is there freedom to live anywhere in the country? No, the Group Areas Act separated Blacks from living together with the rest of South Africa.Yes, anyone can live wherever they want.
Is there freedom to marry whom you choose?No, the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act enforced restrictions on cross-colour sexual relationships.Yes!
Are you free to choose your political ideology including communism?No, the Censorship & Suppression of Communism Act did not allow communists to freely express their ideas.Yes, Free Press and Communists are represented in Parliament.

Is Israel an apartheid now?

Hamas wants to free Palestine and is fighting for Palestine.

No. Hamas wants the death of every Jew and every Israeli. They live in Qatar and they do not care about the Palestinian people. Hamas has started a war it cannot win.

Hamas is Islamic. Therefore, it has Quranic rules they must follow.

While it’s true that the Quran has commands in Wars, Hamas does not care. They have broken every one of the fourteen rules. In case you’re wondering Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) commands in Wars are;

  1. Don’t cut a tree.
  2. Don’t kill a child.
  3. Don’t kill the elderly.
  4. Don’t destroy a temple or a church.
  5. Don’t destroy a building.
  6. Don’t kill those who surrendered.
  7. Don’t kill who ran away.
  8. Don’t kill women.
  9. Don’t kill the sick.
  10. Don’t kill a monk or a priest.
  11. Don’t disfigure the dead.
  12. Don’t kill an animal, unless it is for eating.
  13. Don’t abuse the prisoners and do feed them.
  14. Don’t enforce Islam.

We saw Hamas brake rules 2 and 8, “Don’t kill a child.” and “Don’t kill women.”;

‘They’re here. They’re burning us. We’re suffocating:’ the harrowing message sent by Israeli-American father who was murdered alongside his wife and 3 kids.


They broke rule 12, “Don’t kill an animal, unless it is for eating.”;

The dog ran towards the terrorist [Hamas] – his body cam captured him shooting her.


And rule 11, “Don’t disfigure the dead.”, which I won’t even show you.

Israel starts every war and then loses it.

Let’s take a look;

YearConflictWho started it?Who was attacked?Did Israel win?
1948Arab-Israel WarEgypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, SyriaIsraelYes.
1948-1967FedayeenEgypt, Syria, Jordan, PalestineIsraelNo, inconclusive.
1967Six Day WarEgypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, KuwaitIsraelYes.
1967-1970War of AttritionEgypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Soviet UnionIsraelYes, both sides claim victory.
1973Yom Kippur WarEgypt, Syria, PalestineIsraelYes.
1971-1982Palestinian insurgency in South Lebanon Palestine, LebanonIsraelYes.
1985-2000South Lebanon ConflictLebanon, HezbollahIsraelNo.
1987-1993First IntifadaPalestine, HamasIsraelYes, technically.
2000-2005Second IntifadaPalestine, HamasIsraelYes, technically.
2006Lebanon WarHezbollahIsraelNo, inconclusive.
20082008 Gaza WarPalestineIsraelYes, military.
2012Israeli-Gaza OperationPalestineIsraelYes, both sides.
20142014 Gaza WarPalestineIsraelYes, both sides.
2021Israel-Palestine crisisPalestineIsraelNo result. Ceasefire.
2023-Israel-Hamas WarHamasIsraelOngoing.
Jews spit on nuns.

Recently, a video online surfaced on Jews in Jerusalem spitting on nuns. While that is true, it is one group. Only a single group. There are bad people in every religion, whether it be Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

Al Jazeera is well-known for spreading anti-Zionist propaganda.
Notice the language? “Israeli settlers“. These Israelis probably lived in Israel their whole lives and have never “stolen” “Palestinian” land.

Both Al Jazeera English and, especially, Middle East Eye are infamous for their spreading of anti-Zionist propaganda and antisemitism.

The Jews abusing the Christians were arrested, which just goes to show how this behaviour is not tolerated in Israel.

Israel bombed a Gazan church.

Yes, but it was not intentional. Hamas has also bombed churches, mosques and synagogues.

Other Arab countries will surely help Palestinians.

Other than displaying the Palestinian flag and screaming “Free Palestine”, no Arab countries has directly supported the people of Palestine. They do not allow them on their land. In fact, the country that helped the Palestinian people the most is… Israel.

Furthermore, people from countries like Iran, have shown solidarity with Israel, or at least against Palestine as this TikTok video from Arab-Israeli journalist Yoseph Haddad explains. (contains coarse language)

“The Iranian regime which is behind Hamas and the terrorist massacre of Israeli civilians, raised the Palestinian flag at a football game in Iran yesterday, and the Iranian people made it clear to them exactly what they thought about it,” said Haddad. The people of Iran can be heard in Persian chanting “Shove the Palestinian flag up your ass!”

Although the government supports Israel, we, the people, support Palestine.

Only a small percentage of people support Palestine and Hamas. Most people can see through the anti-Zionist lies and stand with Israel.

Israel is playing the victim.

Israel is the victim. Israel has always shown help to Palestinians.


  • Allowing Palestinians to cross the border and get a job in Israel. (Most of which end up killing Israelis)
  • Offered to let Palestinians live peacefully in Israel, which they declined 5 times!
  • Providing Internet access, water, electricity and gas.
  • Giving aid to Palestinians in Israeli hospital, including a pacemaker for a Gazan woman.
  • The Israeli roof-knocking method which is used to inform Palestinians before their homes are attacked to save lives.
LGBTQ+ for Palestine.
Jews for Palestine.
Christians for Palestine.

Jews for Palestine.
Christians for Palestine.

Want Palestine to be whole under Hamas’ regime?

Good luck. You wouldn’t last a second.

We should boycott Israeli products and Israeli-linked products


Then stop using over half the internet. A lot of websites run on Wix – an Israeli company. Many use Elementor – an Israeli WordPress plugin. WordPress (not Israeli) accounts for 45.8% of all websites. Elementor is a freemium plugin that enhances the web building abilities of WordPress. Over 8.7 million WordPress sites use Elementor.

Stop using SodaStream. Stop using Fiverr. Stop using Waze. Good luck!

Also, did you also hear about this?

A pro-BDS (organisation to boycott Israel) website was developed on Wix – an Israeli website builder.

The University of Denver branch of “Students for Justice in Palestine” used Wix to create their website. The Times of Israel reported on this in 2015.

“The idea that supporters of BDS must avoid contact with anything Israeli not only misconstrues the nature of BDS, but also contorts the idea of politics in general,” SJP at Cornell wrote in its longer statement.

8 years later, the website is still running on Wix.

Obviously, you can see the hypocrisy and how hard it is to boycott Israeli products.

All Zionists are Jewish

This one is really dumb for anyone to believe. First of all, I, personally, am a Christian Zionist. There are also (not many) Muslim Zionists. Zionism is not bad. Zionism is not about killing Palestinians. Zionism is about re-establishing what once was Israel.

Furthermore, not all Jews are Zionists. Some want to see the land given back to Palestine, which is stupid because Palestine wouldn’t mind killing them in a second.

You don’t have to be Jewish to stand with Israel, you just have to be human.

Israel funded ISIS

I see this one pretty rarely, so if you haven’t seen it, good for you.

First off, no, ISIS – an anti-Zionist organisation – was never funded by a Zionist country. Israel is a major opponent as is pretty much every other country on the globe. Also, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda (even though ISIS was part of al-Qaeda for a decade) are all opponents. That’s how bad ISIS is.

The rebuttal is usually used as a comeback to “Hamas is ISIS”, which it isn’t, but Hamas is as bad as ISIS and neo-Nazism.

Lush supports Palestine

No, they do not. The sign that was seen was put up by an employee and “swiftly removed”. Lush doesn’t stand with Palestine.

In conclusion…

This may all seem very extreme, but that’s the truth we’re dealing with.

As always, Israel loses the media war because of the “free Palestine” comment floods.

I recommend you go check out the Canary Mission and Stand With Us.

This article took me over five hours and I appreciate the support!

I’ll leave you with a diagram of the Zionist reality.

(Marc Corbac for Queye News)