Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Suffers Assassination Attempt

In a shocking turn of events, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has narrowly survived an assassination attempt. The incident occurred following an off-site government meeting in the town of Gándlova in central Slovakia. Reports from the scene indicate that Fico was shot multiple times and has been rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery. His injuries include wounds to his abdomen, arm, and leg, and his condition is described as critical.

The assailant, whose identity has not been officially confirmed, reportedly shouted “Robo, come here!” before opening fire on Fico. Witnesses recount that the 59-year-old prime minister had just finished greeting supporters when the attack took place. The suspect, believed to be either 71 years old or of middle age according to conflicting reports, was quickly apprehended by security forces at the scene.

The news of the assassination attempt has sent shockwaves through Slovakia and beyond. Political leaders, including both allies and opponents of Fico, have condemned the attack and expressed solidarity with the prime minister. The plenary session of the Slovak parliament has been suspended in the wake of the incident.

Robert Fico, a prominent figure in Slovak politics, has been a controversial figure in recent years. His populist “Direction – Social Democracy” party, known for its Eurosceptic and nationalist stance, came to power in October following parliamentary elections. Fico’s return to power has been met with criticism and protests, with many accusing his government of authoritarianism and anti-European policies.

The assassination attempt on Fico comes at a critical juncture for Slovakia, with presidential elections looming and tensions running high in the country’s political landscape. As Fico fights for his life, the nation waits anxiously for updates on his condition and for answers about the motives behind this brazen attack.