We interviewed a Gaza supporter from Egypt to see what they think of Israel

Marc Corbac has recently interviewed a person who lives in Egypt part-time. They have chosen to remain anonymous. Here’s what they said;

  1. In Egypt, has the government or a major news station tried to switch opinions of people?
    “As I am not living in Egypt I do not have an exact answer but I do fly [there] every year frequently and currently have family [there] so based of what I know[,] no[,] I [would] say it depends on the news station[,] some will just state what’s happening[,] others will would state their [own opinion] and tell the viewers [how horrible it is in Israel and Gaza].”
  2. In Egypt, do the majority of people support Israel or Gaza?
    “I live around 6th of October City[.] From what [my] family [has] heard and from the media[,] I would say more people support Gaza, [there] are so many protests over [there] and all [of] my [family and] friends in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria have claimed they all support Gaza and so does their family[,] and I think it’s because most [Arabs] are really educated about the situation. My dad educated me about this long before the war.”
    For those who don’t know, 6th of October City is a city on the outskirts of Cairo, about 1 hour’s drive from Cairo International Airport.
  3. What is your personal opinion and why?
    “From my personal opinion[,] I stand with the people [of] Gaza[.] I feel horrible for those out [there]. [The] reason why is because[,] to be fair[,] they don’t have an army and Israel is basically controlling them now[.] [Before] you judge I just want to claim I do not support the Hamas at all none of my family does at all. The people in Gaza are suffering[. Their] hospitals have been bombed[. The] main hospital in Gaza was bombed by the entrance[(???). Legit,] orphanages have been bombed[.] I [would’ve] thought the Jews would have been the last people to do this after the holocaust.”
  4. What was the opinion of the general public in your area before Oct 7th?
    “Before October 7th[,] again[,] because[,] I was educated about it[,] I already supported Gaza but I personally believe that more people supported Gaza after realising what’s going on[,] but I think all the Israelis or anyone that supports them kind of stuck to their opinion.”

A quick note, this interview was only grammatically corrected. Any information, whether true or not, is untouched from communication.

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