What is #StopTheMobVote and how it may change the future of gaming forever

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If you’ve been on any social media site lately, you may have noticed the hashtag “#StopTheMobVote” trending lately. But what is it?

It comes down to Minecraft

Every year since 2020, gaming company “Mojang” announces a “Mob Vote”.

The vote is held amongst players on the Minecraft Twitter account, where they vote for three new “mobs” – creatures in the game.

Why are so many against it?

In the past, a lot of the votes have been won because one internet celebrity would persuade many to choose a specific mob.

What do they want?

The Minecraft community have “had enough”. They want Mojang to “stop being lazy” and release all three mobs at once and stop creating discourse among the community.

Many are fighting against Mojang on social media with Cold War propaganda-inspired posters playing in a video to the song “Feed the Machine” by Poor Man’s Poison:


The Petition

The petition is hosted on Change.org and already has over 160,000 signatures.

If you wish to join, you can do so here.